Thursday, January 10, 2008

History of Perumal Kovil

The history behind the construction of the temple is :

Sree Venkatraman Iyengar was responsible in building this temple He was a wealthy man in trivandrm and had daughters. But he was worried that he did not have a son. One night Lord Srinivasa appeared in his dream and told him that his idol was inside a lake at Tirukanagkudi, (now situated in Triunelveli district) and asked him to bring the idol and construct and temple in Anathapuri.
Sree Venkatraman Iyengar followed the instructions given by lord, bought the idol from the lake and built the temple in the year 1898. After the construction of the temple he was graced with a Son.
From that time onwards the temple is looked after by the following generation of Sree Venkataraman Iyengar and now it is almost a decade.

This Kovil is situated in the south side of the Sri Anantha Padamanabar temple in Trivandrum.
The God in this temple is Srinivasar, along with Sreedevi and Bhoodevi
There is also a krishnar Idol in this temple.You can also find idols of Vedanta Desikar, Kulashekara alwar(one who wrote "Mukunda Mala"), Thirumangai alwar, Namalwar, Vikshwasenar
Brahma Utsavom is celebrated in the month of September-October(puratasi masam in tamil).
Its is believed that people who dont have child will be blessed with a child by the worship of this God krishnar.

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